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Color Paper

 Color Paper

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It's easy to make a statement with Superfine Printing's vast array of vivid color paper. Our selection of color paper comes in 20 lb. text, in colors that range from bold and bright to simple and soft.
Among our variety of colors, you'll find exotic ones like tangerine, pumpkin, goldenrod, canary, orchid, salmon, buff, cherry as well as versatile ones like blue, green, grey, pink, tan, ivory and cream.
We have standard sizes in stock, and can also customize the size to meet your specific requirements. To order a custom size, click here.
Match the color paper of your choice with color envelopes. All our color envelopes come in #10 size only.
With Superfine's great selection of color paper, you have the proper resources to heighten the impact of your printing jobs.

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Color Color Size Material Add matching Envelopes Qty Per Reams
 Cherry Color Paper Cherry Text 24lb +$26.25
Tangerine Paper Tangerine Text 24lb +$26.25
 Pumpkin Colored Paper Pumpkin Text 24lb +$26.25
 Goldenrod Color Papers Goldenrod Text 24lb +$26.25
 Canary Paper Canary Text 24lb +$26.25
 Orchid Colored Papers Orchid Text 24lb +$26.25
 Blue Colored Paper Blue Text 24lb +$26.25
 Green Papers Green Text 24lb +$26.25
 Grey Paper Grey Text 24lb +$26.25
 Pink Paper Pink Text 24lb +$26.25
 Salmon Colored Copy Paper Salmon Text 24lb +$26.25
 Buff Paper Buff Text 24lb +$26.25
 Tan Colored Printing Paper Tan Text 24lb +$26.25
 Ivory Printer and Copier Paper Ivory Text 24lb +$26.25
 Cream Colored Printer Papers Cream Text 24lb +$26.25

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