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Poster Printing Tips From a Band Promoter That Anyone Can Use

Let me introduce you to James. James is a promoter of bands and needs to use poster printing services on a regular basis. He has allowed me share with you some of his top poster printing and placing tips.

One of the first secrets he shared with me is his use flyer color printing which is using coloring stencils to create patterns on his posters. These stencils can be used as a background on all his posters, so that he has a unified look for all the bands he promotes. This way people know that is James that is promoting a band.

Obviously James needs to attract attention with his poster printing techniques, so he uses yellow and red colors, as these colors are the most eye catching and appropriate to the young market he is promoting too. He does advise that you have to get the balance just right, as too much is too garish. In fact these are the background colors that he has set for his color flying printer stencils. He has tested other colors, but has found that he gets more people to come to gigs with red and yellow.

He has found that the best places to place posters are where young people hang out, and wait around idly; places like bus shelters, local colleges and school corridors, at train stations and in cafeterias.  He advises you must think carefully where to put up your posters, as you want the right target market to see them, for optimum promotion of whatever it is you are promoting, which certainly makes sense to me.

He recommends that the best size for a poster is 18 x 24, as this size can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising.  You can place this size poster in all the nooks and crannies that your target audience might see.

His last recommendation is to visit where all his poster printing and color flyer printing needs are met.



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