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Brochure and Flyer Printing Decisions Distribution Channels

Brochures can be defined as a single page or multi page document, which means there are many similarities in brochure printing and flyer printing.

Both brochures and flyers, serve much the same purpose in that they are showcasing a product or event, or just providing succinct information about your company, that you wish your respondent to see. You might want to use your flyer printing or brochure printing to inform people about your company and how what it offers will benefit them.

Even using just four colors on brochures or flyers, as opposed to full color printing, make them both very powerful promotional materials in grabbing attention and new customers. Getting people to actually read your literature, is far more effective than a bus going by, and a glimpse of the advert on the side, as they can keep your flyer or brochure for future reference.

With a direct response mailer, you have to start the whole process, in this chaotic world of attracting people's attention, with some innovative envelope printing. As what use is the best brochure printing or flyer printing if the envelope cries out SPAM and is never opened?

So some other great approaches, which cut out the envelope printing part, are:

(1) leave behinds, where you leave the brochure with clients, after a chat with them, or you can let them know that you are putting it in the post, so they can expect and look out for it’s arrival;

(2) inquiry-responders are when the client makes first contact and then you can send more details as requested, so they will be expecting your information and looking out for it, as they have made the first step; and

(3) point-of-sale brochures can be placed, with permission, at strategic places where your target audience might take notice of them like cafes, pubs and next to the supermarket checkouts (places where people might pick up a brochures, as they are in a queue or sitting down).

So your first real decision with brochure printing and flyer printing is how you are going to distribute them, as this will affect the numbers required, and thus price.



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